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Never Rest!

 Whether you are in need of one piece of equipment or a complete production line, you can depend on F.C.S. Industrial Services for quality your company will appreciate!

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality service from the
design phase of the your project through the installation process!

Specializing in the beverage industry (both nationally and abroad), F.C.S.  has the expertise to handle
all phases of machinery and equipment installation, removal and relocation, be it one piece or a
complete production line.
Repair and maintenance services are provided to the industrial community in a safe, effective and timely manner.


We have played all the different roles, from prime contractor to project manager to owner/developer and we point this out to demonstrate our experience level in all phases of construction,
whether it be grass roots or expansion of an existing facility from site preparation all the way to
  Some of the largest corporations on the planet have repeatedly entrusted us, without bond,
in key roles to handle projects budgeted up to $50M.
  In fact, we enjoy preferred vendor status
with the Coca-Cola Corporation.


Although the lion's share of our experience revolves around the food and beverage industry,
it includes all aspects of construction, including management.
When we are hired to manage or oversee the installation of a production line, on the architectural side (A&E), the responsibilities often include warehouse expansion, stormwater retention, expansion of the facility's utilities, including mechanical and architectural construction of boiler rooms, water treatment rooms, administrative offices, quality control laboratories, and compressed air system rooms.
New drain systems and pumps have to be installed; and in some cases, wells have to be drilled
in order to supply support for the new process and production equipment.

The key to our success in manufacturing platforms and mezzanines is the standardization of the design and construction of the mild steel mezzanines and stainless operator platforms.  We then purchase and store the required materials in bulk, which, in itself,
depending upon the quantities, proves to be a huge savings to our customers. 


At F.C.S., we have been successful in premanufacturing the platforms and mezzanines
because we are usually involved in the project as soon as the other manufacturers are involved,
thus providing savings on overtime exposure for our customers.
With good design criteria and enough lead time, the premanufacturing at our Titusville facility
allows for platforms and mezzanines to be shipped as a complete kit for easier field assembly.
We have an opportunity to virtually eliminate any welding, cutting and painting in the field with this process.
  It is the goal of F.C.S. to make this portion of your project as easy and as clean as possible. 
Additionally, since we have standardized the design, in most cases, once we know how much square footage is required for your project, accurate fixed base pricing for everything pertaining to platforms,
mezzanines, staircases and crossovers can be established and easily calculated.


Just imagine installations that could continue one right after another without any loss in quality or efficiency and with an A-1 consistency in materials and design within every plant! 
This, together with a top-notch group of speedy installers, practically eliminates the headaches
that result from messy and expensive field fabrication and installation.


If your next project requires mechanical assistance and you are searching for quality workmanship
at reasonable rates, please contact our administrative offices and our staff will be happy to
provide you with a complete proposal package designed to meet your needs.